Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The gloves are off as Telus sues Rogers: Canada's mobile network 3GPP convergence

Telus Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Rogers Wireless to discontinue its "misleading ad" campaign stating that the Rogers Wireless Network recently overlaid with HSPA+ capabilities, is the fastest and most reliable with fewest dropped calls in Canada. Testing of Telus' shared HSPA+ network will now be necessary to prove reliability and it was Telus that commissioned the earlier studies that reveal that it was indeed Rogers who had the fewest dropped calls in Canada. Telus will probably have to state why Bell Canada is saying its network, the same network used by Telus, is the fastest.
Telus' marketing team or at the very least the engineering heads should know that beyond the "fastest" term in the Rogers Wireless ad they will have to prove the rest of factors; fewest dropped calls and clarity, wrong. Having the same technical capability of 21 Mbp/s on the air interface of the cell site is one of a number of factors to be considered as they are also using equipment from different vendors. Then there is coverage and network footprint along with channel capacity, the user device, among factors to be considered. These are a few of the numerous reasons a call gets dropped.
Telus has made a good pre-emptive strike and I can imagine will stand to gain something from this exercise. Lets see how the story onfolds.