Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The gloves are off as Telus sues Rogers: Canada's mobile network 3GPP convergence

Telus Corporation has filed a lawsuit against Rogers Wireless to discontinue its "misleading ad" campaign stating that the Rogers Wireless Network recently overlaid with HSPA+ capabilities, is the fastest and most reliable with fewest dropped calls in Canada. Testing of Telus' shared HSPA+ network will now be necessary to prove reliability and it was Telus that commissioned the earlier studies that reveal that it was indeed Rogers who had the fewest dropped calls in Canada. Telus will probably have to state why Bell Canada is saying its network, the same network used by Telus, is the fastest.
Telus' marketing team or at the very least the engineering heads should know that beyond the "fastest" term in the Rogers Wireless ad they will have to prove the rest of factors; fewest dropped calls and clarity, wrong. Having the same technical capability of 21 Mbp/s on the air interface of the cell site is one of a number of factors to be considered as they are also using equipment from different vendors. Then there is coverage and network footprint along with channel capacity, the user device, among factors to be considered. These are a few of the numerous reasons a call gets dropped.
Telus has made a good pre-emptive strike and I can imagine will stand to gain something from this exercise. Lets see how the story onfolds.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Yahoo and Google in Online ad deal: Wither Microsoft?

Just moments after a report that all negotiations have been discontinued with tech giant Microsoft there is a new report that a deal has been signed with rival Google. While some are heralding Yahoo's independence as victory over Microsoft, there are concerns amongst the Yahoo shareholders as the stock price fell 10% on the announcement of the latest Microsoft rejection. Carl Ichan, could be more encouraged to now replace the company's board with the outcome of the Microsoft negotiations.
The announcement came after Yahoo said it had failed to persuade Microsoft to renew its bid to buy all of the Internet company for the $37 per share asked, over 13% more than Microsoft's offer. Recent talks ended after Yahoo rejected a Microsoft proposal to buy just its online search business. It may be some time before the deal takes effect as Microsoft and a number of interest groups have signaled that they challenge the deal on anti-trust grounds. The Google-Yahoo plan has reportedly drawn the attention of U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl, who chairs an antitrust committee.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Telus to Join GSM World?

The Toronto Star reported today that Telus Corporation may soon be upgrading its CDMA network to a GSM system to join the networks supporting over 2 billion of the world's mobile phone subscribers. This speculation is against the background of Telus wanting to tap into the lucrative international roaming market ahead of increased wireless competition expected later this year. GSM provider Rogers is reported to have a lion share of the mobile roaming fees given the wide use of GSM worldwide. Telus has not commented however this is one to watch!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Windows evolution

Microsoft is getting ready with XP SP3 and Vista SP1 and the Vista Service Pack will be critical. For years this has been like second nature to all of us and with founder Bill Gates due to step down from Microsoft's executive in the new year one wonders if there will be and end to the company's OS market dominance. Like it or not, Microsoft has earned the top spot, however it seems that only new application areas are being dominated by the other industry players largely due to first mover advantage. 2008 is upon us and I expect to see much more from the software applications industry. New players?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Google's concern about Rogers' subscriber messaging in webpages

Google Inc made its concern known today in a statement emailed to The Toronto Star regarding a system it says Rogers Communication is testing that would insert a branded message in its web page (and supposedly others) to the Rogers High Speed Internet subscribers when they are approaching their monthly data limit. This was later confirmed by Taanta Gupta, a Rogers spokesperson who according to the Star report, said the company does not have email addresses for all of its subscribers. For some time now there have been questions regarding content providers like Google whose service offering is based on Internet access by subscribers from an infrastructure developed and maintained by the few network providers. Is this an indication that we are moving into a new realm of Internet service delivery? More

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Canadian Wireless Spectrum to be auctioned next May

Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice announced yesterday that there will be a wireless spectrum offer May 2008 with 40% being reserved for a new entrant into the market despite protest from Bell, Rogers and Telus who have all indicated a preference for a free competitive bid. Th resistance by the three current service providers is louder as they feel that the market is fully served and does not need a fourth competitor who is subsidized by the government. The Wireless Competition alliance formed by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) had launched a website months ago to present their case to the Canadian public, however the government has decided to go ahead with the promised policy.
What will be the outcome of this auction? Will Quebecor Media Inc finally move into the wireless market?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Microsoft Vista and Parental Control

I am still getting used to Windows Vista and the new security management and parental control features are driving me nuts! That being said, this could be a winner for Microsoft as this approach has drawn Apple into the foray of responsible computing managed at the OS level. Apple's Leopard is further testament to their creed; make it better with innovation. Sadly, there are those fans who still think Apple creates and innovates and not just follow. More